November 15, 2007
Time Travel Made Stupid

Some old friends have been on my mind lately. As luck would have it, Paulette and I had a wedding to attend recently that allowed us to not only visit with many dear friends at the reception, but also to visit with others who live in that part of the country whom we also have not seen in years.

While we had a great time catching up with so many, the trip was a bit like trying to see seven countries in five days. We spent a lot of time in the rental car, cramming in as many get togethers as we could, and we were lucky that the boys put up with it all as well as they did. Being on the opposite coast, changes in the weather and time zones also played havoc with my sense of time.

I only checked my e-mail twice during the trip, and wouldn't you know: I received a message from one of my aforementioned old friends who has been on my mind but who was not a part of this particular whirlwind tour. (We weren't hitting her particular state/commonwealth.)

She is one of my dearest friends who knew me from grade school, and she wrote with news that certainly demanded I get back in touch with her. Because our schedule was so packed, I didn't get a chance to phone until all the travelling was finally done.

What somehow escaped my addled brain was that with the travel being done, I was back in my home time zone. So I phoned at what should have been a normal time to chat locally, but was, well, not such a normal time to chat where she was. Woke her up. Probably woke up the kids and hubby, too. Oops.

I've heard of dialing drunk (something I've never done, since I don't drink), but this was worse. This was a case of dialing stupid.

Gary Larson drew a Far Side cartoon years ago in which a child was trying to enter the Midvale School for the Gifted by pushing on a door marked "Pull". I'm that kid. But what's worse than catching yourself in a brain fart is realizing that there are witnesses. Unlike a friend or two of mine from the past who screen calls (and, interestingly, never seem to be home when I try to phone them... or e-mail them... or drop by unannounced... or stalk them at work...), this one answered the phone.

"You sound sleepy. Did I wake you?" I asked, thinking it was three hours *earlier* where she was than where I was.

"Well... yeah," she answered, from three hours *later* than I.

For those of you counting at home, that's a six hour mistake.

During our recent trip, it was great seeing so many people who are so close to me in my mind and memories. But nothing really turns back the clock like making a bone-head maneuver like that. 't really takes me back.

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Hey, coast to coast time zones are nothing. Try a 16 hour time change about confusing.

I love the photo here of you and the boys. I hope all is well with you and yours.

Posted by: Heather on November 25, 2007 1:44 AM

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On Nov 25, Heather said:
"Hey, coast to coast time zones are nothing. ..." on entry: Time Travel Made Stupid.

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