January 20, 2009
Farewell, Mr. President

I've been relatively silent on my blog lately. Not because of lack of something to say, but rather, simply lack of time. I have a couple of big deliverables this week, so I may finally have some breathing room this coming weekend.

In the meantime, though, I find it necessary to comment on an event that happened earlier this day. While I still have many thoughts I want to share about our new President, and the politics surrounding his election, and so on, the transition of power today bears particular attention.

I have commented many times before on this blog, and elsewhere, that I have had differences of opinion with the previous administration. And while I have been less obvious about it on this blog, I must also take exception to the notion that our previous President is the "worst ever." Not even by a long shot. (That's a very rich topic for another day.) Most people who make such a claim have obviously not studied their American history all that closely.

But I find it remarkable that, on his way out of office, President George W. Bush left with grace and dignity. No last minute flurry of questionable pardons. No last minute theatrics or grandstanding. Granted, there were a couple last minute Presidential Executive Orders worthy of reconsideration. But, all in all, George W. Bush left the White House today with an important distinction.

George W. Bush turned over the reigns of governmental power in a peaceful, orderly fashion. Our constitutional government, for all of its many, many flaws, remains in tact and, despite a change in leadership, stable and predictable. "Distinction?" You ask. "It's been done 42 times before."

Yes, it's been done 42 times before. Well, actually, more like 41 times before, since Buchanan did an awful job of turning over the government to Lincoln. Truly awful. But, that notwithstanding, each successive transition of executive power is for the record books. Our republic persists, which is more than can be said of so many other governments throughout the world and throughout history. And, for all it's flaws, there remains the very real hope that *many* of our nation's problems can and will be eventually corrected... without undue damage to the republic as a whole. We have managed, against so many odds, to perpetuate a system of government that is not only somewhat reasonable and fair, but also nominally self-correcting and self-healing. It's truly amazing. The proverbial "machine that would go of itself" still works.

I have no reason, yet, to laud our new President. Nor have I reason, yet, to censure him. But I am nonetheless glad that we have a new President. For all that, nothing so became George W. Bush's Presidency as the leaving of it.

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 January 22, 2009
Andrew at Eight Months

Well, while we wait for me to have time to update my site like a good little blogger, here's another gratuitous photo of Andrew. This one was taken on the occasion of his turning eight months old (a little over a week ago):

Andrew turns eight months old.

Andrew is crawling now... but, mostly backwards. Yesterday saw him finally begin to make "forward progress" in the crawling department. Lately, he's been much more interactive with his environment; playing with toys, grabbing whatever there is to grab, and so on.

Just as Alex did with Nolan when they were at that age, Nolan (at three and a half years old) has suddenly started showing Andrew all sorts of affection. Rather aggressively.

Nolan shows Andrew the love.One of Nolan's favorite things to do is give Andrew a nice big hug and kiss... while Andrew is sleeping. Until he is no longer sleeping. When Andrew is awake, Nolan likes to give him a biiig hug, and then pull him down onto the floor. Then, he gets up and moves on to something else. Lately, one of the most common phrases you'll hear at Casa Rousselle is "Gently, Nolan! Gently!"

While it *is* inconvenient to have Nolan waking Andrew up from naps, I have to say I'm happy that he has started to interact with Andrew with such joy and enthusiasm. For a little while there, Nolan didn't seem to know what to make of Andrew.

Alex, at six and a half years old (in fact, he hit "six and half years" exactly just a couple days ago), is very much stepping into the role of Big Brother. He's helpful when it comes to the little things -- running to get wipes or toys for Andrew when we ask -- and enjoys taking time out to play with his baby brother. Alex looks out for his brothers, and that makes me more pleased than I know how to express.

As you can tell from the photos, Andrew's hair is coming in a bit thicker than his brothers', and also a little bit darker. While many people comment that Andrew's face looks even more like mine than his brothers did when they were babies, I suspect he's getting his hair genes from his mother -- which is all to the good, given how thick and healthy her hair remains, and how fine and thinning my hair has been.

We've also belatedly started Andrew on solid foods. Like his brothers before him, Andrew shows little interest in eating, but seems quite content to grab food and smear it anywhere he can reach... most often, his face and aforementioned hair. Is this common with kids, or just *our* kids?

That said, with "short" blog entries like this, is it any wonder I'm finding it hard to get the time to post items that are more in depth?

Wearing bananas.

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