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Consider the problem of a woman who needs glasses for applying eye makeup. WITHOUT her glasses she can't see what she is doing, and WITH her glasses, she can't do what she is seeing!

In 1971 a patient related this problem to a noted eye doctor and asked if a mirror was available which would enable her to see without her glasses to apply eye makeup. In contacting numerous sources, both in and out of the medical profession, he discovered that there were many magnifying mirrors on the market, but none that would give a strong image without distortion. Further, he found that this problem was not an isolated one, but one which most women with or without glasses had.

To try to find a solution to this problem, he took prescription quality lenses and silvered them, which provided a distortion-free, focusing mirror. After providing several of these for his patients, he was overwhelmed with the demand from just word of mouth, from patient to patient.

Encouraged by this, Dr. Thomas L. Day experimented and researched until he designed a method of manufacturing the optically perfect Magic Focus® mirrors in acrylic at a price that most people can afford.

That, in a nutshell, is how the Magic Focus® mirror was born.

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The Magic FocusŪ mirror is distortion-free, 5X magnification and is the strongest, most optically correct mirror on the market. It will allow you to see, in detail, whether you wear glasses or not, better than you ever thought possible.

To use this mirror, it must be focused. Hold it one inch from your eye and slowly pull it away until your particular focus is achieved. (This is five to seven inches for most people.) Everything should be completely clear when you have it in close focus. If pulled away too fast, or too far, you have missed the focus. Basically, that is it. The mirror must be put up to the eye and slowly pulled away.

Using false eyelashes, eye makeup, inserting contact lenses, detailed eye grooming, stray facial hairs, ingrown hairs, observing blemishes, etc. are now problems of the past.


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