October 22, 2001
Feminism in Sci-Fi?

A friend of mine is taking a feminist theory course in grad school, and she plans to write a paper about feminism and science fiction. Toward that end, she has sent out a survey to several friends with the following questions:

1. Do the goals/ideals of feminism mesh well with the genre of science fiction? Why/why not? Does science fiction offer any special opportunities for feminist writers? Or, does it present any special difficulties?

2. Have you read any feminist works of science fiction that influenced your own political ideas? Do you think it is possible for a work of science fiction to change someone's mind about feminism/gender?

3. Do you see any difference between 'woman-centered' (ie, with a woman as the main character) science fiction and 'feminist' science fiction?

4. Do you think the field of science fiction has been welcoming to feminist authors?

What do *you* think? I'll be posting my answers here this week, but I'd love to hear yours, as well (and I'll be happy to pass them along to my friend).

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