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 January 23, 2002
Privacy Policy

I recently learned that any decent website should post a privacy policy. I'll post one, too: does not sell e-mail addresses, and it never will... unless, of course, the buyer is willing to pay lots and lots of money. Since does not actively collect e-mail addresses, however, the point is probably a bit moot. occasionally uses cookies, and we reserve the right to do so from time to time as the whim should strike us to do so. Likewise, visitors to this site have the right to decline cookies, so get over it. The cookies are generally used to mark if you've already voted in a survey, or certain preferences on how you like to see the site displayed. No consumer or demographic information is sought, nor tabulated. Whatever. Like it's such a big deal.

Interactive portions of the site (such as the comments feature, to name but one) provide visitors to this site with the opportunity to post their opinions, preferences, and/or contact information. This information is not deliberately tabulated or sold by the site management (which would be me). Still, the user who posts his/her opinions and/or contact information is doing so on a public forum, and should be aware that other people see what you post... with all the risk that may entail.

Oh, and that reminds me. I reserve the right, since this is *my* website, to remove content -- whether written by me, by you, or by anybody else -- as I see fit, when I see fit.

That's it. There's your stinking privacy. Now, let's talk about's privacy:

Material on -- including text, images, and the HTML that tells your browser how to render them -- is copyrighted by the author. That would be me. Please feel free to cite this site or link to text and images on this site as you desire. However, all rights to the copyrighted material are reserved by the author. For permission to use this material, feel free to drop me an e-mail.

That said, you are certainly free to read and view whatever I post here. I mean, hey, this is a publicly accessible site. If I wanted this to be private, I'd have password protected it or charged admission or something like that. So, I guess that's pretty much it for my privacy, too.

Why do I need a privacy statement on my site? Why does anybody? Do you need reassurance that I'm not an e-mail address vendor? Okay. I'm not going to sell your e-mail addresses. So there.

Speaking of which, have you signed up to be on my book update list? If not, drop me a line and I'll add you to my list of people to whom I'll e-mail information about progress on The Do Over... assuming I ever make any progress on it. :-)


(updated April 14, 2002)

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