June 10, 2005
Nolan at Two Months

Nolan at two months.One of my clients remarked to me that she was a second child, and therefore had many fewer photos of her as a kid than her older sibling had. Now that we have our second child, I can see how that happens.

But if we don't take snapshots anywhere as near as often with Nolan as we did with Alex at this age, Nolan nonetheless has no complaints about his home life. When he's hungry, he's fed. When he's uncomfortable, he gets changed. And when he's sleepy, he sleeps. He gets lots of hugs and kisses from his mommy, his daddy, and his very affectionate big brother.

Nolan sleeps a great deal more than our previous experience led us to expect, but for all that, he's still a generally happy guy when he's awake. At two months, he has just started to show more inquisitiveness about his surroundings. I took these photos during my lunch break today, and you can see that he's an alert and curious little guy. (In the full version of the first photo, you can see my reflection in his right eye. Wacky.)

Like everyone else in his immediate family, Nolan loves music. His favorite toy right now is the mobile that hangs over his crib that plays Mozart and Bach while little stuffed animals circle about. He's learning to smile and coo now, which is a joy for his parents. And big brother Alex loves to pat him on the head and give him kisses.

When Alexander was born, Paulette and I were both equally underemployed (we were both working from home, but neither of us had a full work load), so we took turns changing diapers and bathing and holding and lulling to sleep, and generally had an equal distribution of the work. Now, however, I have a more than full workload, while Paulette's workload has remained about the same. As a result, she's been picking up the slack while I'm attending to clients. She changes the majority of the diapers, gives the baths and the cuddling, and all that with Nolan.

When I'm available, I often find myself taking Alex out for walks or giving him his bath, etc., so that Paulette can enjoy some down time. Remember, Nolan sleeps a *lot*. This means, however, that Nolan's quality time is primarily spent with his mother, while Alex is getting pretty equal time between mom and dad. I don't mind saying that I'm a little bummed by this -- with regard to Nolan, that is.

I shouldn't be bothered by it -- Paulette and I are great partners in parenting, and it's become clear that everything will even out over time. It's only natural that Nolan would be soothed more quickly by mom when she is his exclusive source of food and the primary source of his comfort these days. That said, though, I look forward to being able to spend more time with the little guy and for the two of us to get to know each other better.

As I've commented on other occasions about Alex, it's clear to me that Nolan is an intelligent and playful little guy. He likewise has a very pleasant disposition.

Paulette and I are so amazingly blessed to have such wonderful children.


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 June 25, 2005
Notes from my Grandfather

As noted earlier, my last surviving grandfather died early in April this year. My sister and I are, along with our parents, sorting through his stuff and tidying up what he has left behind.

My grandfather was a Methodist minister who, like his grandson, had (or, in my case, *has*) a profound love of books. In going through his library, I have come across an old book of quotations, humor, and anecdotes for public speakers. (As a Methodist minister, his was quite the public speaker.) He starred and underlined the following passage:

After his return from church one Sunday a small boy said, "You know what Mommie? I'm going to be a minister when I grow up."

"That's fine," said his mother. "But what made you decide you want to be a preacher?"

"Well," said the boy pensively. "I'll have to go to church on Sunday anyway and I think it would be more fun to stand up and yell than to sit still and listen."

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 June 28, 2005
National Boss Day?

Sunday, October 16 is National Boss Day, according to my daily planner.

Because it’s on a Sunday, does that mean the boss has to come into work? ie, does the boss get a “day on”?

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