July 14, 2008
Name That City

I live in a development in an unincorporated area of my county, just east of the city of Redmond, WA, but not close enough to be annexed by said city. The county in which my neighbors and I reside takes our tax money (interestingly, they charge us more in taxes than I ever paid when I lived in the city of Redmond -- not just in absolute dollars, but as a percentage, as well) and spends it in downtown Seattle (the county seat) rather than spending it here.

Then, when something needs to be done out here, they'll mandate that we (as residents of a development) fund it out-of-pocket through our homeowners associations.

That's obviously an oversimplification of a much more complicated process, but you get the gist. Some of us are not happy with this arrangement, and are starting to explore the idea of incorporating this area into a city, which would bring some of those tax dollars back to us.

But, if we can and do incorporate, what would we name this new city? "East Redmond?" "Redmond Heights?" "Redmond Hills?"

The name is a marketing choice: after all, the residents here would have to vote on incorporation, and they probably wouldn't vote to incorporate "Irving, Washington," no matter how funny that would be.

Here are some other names I'd love to try, but might be problematic. I've checked to make sure they haven't been taken, for the sake of the exercise. (George is already taken, for example):

* President
* General
* Carver
* District of Columbia
* Notgnihsaw
* Wa Wa

More seriously, why not pick a name to commemorate the traditions of our large Indian population?

* Diwali (literally, "festival of lights")

Or, for that matter, the aboriginal Native Americans?

* Tlahwahdees (the original name of a local Sammamish settlement)
* Simump (another name for the Sammamish tribe)
* Willows (the Sammamish were known as "willow dwellers"; there is already a local street by this name)

What do you think? Any suggestions? Have fun with it!

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 July 23, 2008
How I spend [some of] my time

In addition to voluminous issues at work and at home (and, yes, the new baby is absolutely adorable, but his big brothers require a bit more attention at the moment!), I am finding it extremely difficult to get unburied from all the effing amspay in my e-mail inbox.

What tends to happen with me is I spend a certain amount of time each day on e-mail and other writing, and if my inbox is filled with a thousand messages, I'm spending most of that time pruning the amspay rather than replying to the one or two legitimate messages that deserve my attention. At some point, though, I have to move on to do other things, otherwise nothing gets done.

On the one hand, this means I must beg your forgiveness if you've sent me an e-mail that I haven't responded to, yet. On the other hand... well, there is no other hand. Well, except to say that if I owe you an e-mail even if it isn't in response to one of yours, well, the time I would normally spend e-mailing you has been taken up, instead, by these effing ammerspays.

And I'm getting absolutely flooded, lately. Flooded.

One of the common amspay attacks I'm receiving involves incorporating sensational (and false) news headlines in the subject line, presumably in an effort to sucker me into opening the message and then clicking on the link contained therein (which, I must assume, would only get me more junk e-mail.)

Yesterday, I received the first such fake headline that actually made me laugh out loud: "Bush to Sell Louisiana Back to the French."

Today, another one caught my attention: "Bush Averts Albanian Uprising By Invading Alabama."

I'll be moving my e-mail services shortly to a new server where, my testing shows, at least half of the junk e-mail that's making it past my filters will get caught. That still leaves half a ton left to prune, but I need as much good help on this front as I can get.

And maybe, one of these days, I'll get around to posting more photos of baby Andrew and his big brothers....

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 July 26, 2008
Other amspay fake headline subjects I've liked

I hate, hate, hate the amount of time I have to spend just weeding out useless amspay e-mail, but I nonetheless found the following fake headlines on some of their subject lines kinda entertaining:

* Scientists create prosthetic brain
* Court rules lesbians are different from lesbos
* Bush And Putin Agree To Restart Cold War During G8 Summit
* Schwarzenegger Admits Starting California Wildfires
* Gay Rights Terrorist Kills Eight In Fabulous Bombing

I haven't switched my mail over to the new "mail scanner" server. I've been too busy weeding out the amspay. Grrrr.

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