September 11, 2001
State of Emergency

Friends and Family,

If you are at all able to do so, please donate blood at your earliest possible convenience.

Please do not clog up phone lines to the East Coast.


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 September 25, 2001
Worst Virus Ever!!!

I get e-mail all the time from people warning about the "WORST VIRUS EVER!!!", stating that "According to Microsoft and McAfee" that this latest virus (usually sent in the form of an e-mail with a subject like "You have a virtual card waiting" or "About your order") will delete the boot sector of your hard drive and also give you scurvy.

Well, I don't believe the hype, but the fact is that the "Nimda" virus brought down my servers at XO Communications, and the net result has been that while has been up and running just fine ( is on a UNIX server in California, hosted through most excellent facilities), the scripts on my server hosted on an NT machine at XO Communications lame-ass facility in New Jersey have been royally messed-up, and it's these scripts that keep the journal going.

(Note: the facilities in NJ used to be top notch, until Concentric Communications bought 9netave, and then in turn got gobbled up by XO Communications. Somewhere along the line, I think they must have sacked most of the competent people at 9netave and replaced them with newbies.)

It appears that the server is back up now, and is also clean. Yee-ha. Now, I have a shot at trying to catch you up on the latest: like how we drove cross country to NJ from Seattle to make a wedding.

But, while I'm typing up all that, I'm also looking to move my server to something more reliable. Grrrr.

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