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 May 03, 2002
Links Explained -- Friends

Who are these people I've listed in my links section?

John Aegard -- A fellow member of STEW ("Society of Tastelessly Evocative Writing" or "Seattle's Truly Eclectic Writers" or whatever we happen to decide it stands for on any given day), a writing and critique group in the Pacific Northwest. Johnzo is not only a talented writer, but also computer gnurd and a Clarion East alum.

Jeff Anbinder -- The second best announcer that the Cornell Big Red Marching Band ever had. He and I shared a writing class at Cornell, and he's a much better short story writer than I am. Of course, that's not saying much. I'm still eagerly anticipating his first book. Then again, he could say the same about be. Fellow musicologist and a damn fine radio guy.

Philip Brewer -- I've never met him face to face, but we began to correspond during our respective stints at Clarions East and West in the summer of 2001. His website began as a journal for his adventures at CE, and now tracks his writing progress and observations about the world in which we live.

Sabrina Chase -- Another fellow STEWnik who is a highly trained physicist and an underutilized talent working for my former employer in Redmond, WA.

Everett Dolman -- Went to grad school with me at University of Pennsylvania... but, unlike *some* people, he actually finished his PhD. He's a smart guy, regardless. Buy his book on Astropolitics, available through online booksellers everywhere.

Anne Dunning -- Fellow former producer of A Night at the Asylum comedy radio show, and currently pursuing her PhD. [sigh.] I tried to warn her. Never had a chance to introduce her to Everett, though. *That* might have scared her off....

Karen Fishler -- Fellow STEWnik and a fine, fine public speaker. This link is her business site; she works as a professional coach, and is highly recommended. She's a Clarion West 1998 alum, and current member of the CW Board.

Eric Francis -- Eric and I go back to 1984 or so, when he first turned me loose on a parody issue of Generation magazine. He is a brilliant writer, a dazzling cook, a dangerous reporter, and a professional astrologer. Well, at least he was never silly enough to pursue a PhD.

Neile Graham -- Fellow STEWnik and a poetry goddess. Buy her books; they're amazing. She's also one of the administrators who holds Clarion West together.

Howard Greenstein -- A fellow former WVBR conspirator, and also a fellow ex-Microsoftie.

Nicole Husen -- First met her when I lived and worked in the Boston area. She now lives in California, where she's a pottery enthusiast and rabid hiker. Geez, I sound like a game show host.

Tom Johnson -- Unlike Everett, Tom had the sense to leave UPenn before getting his PhD. But, then again, Tom eventually took me on as a business partner, so who's really the wiser? He has been forecasting the economic crash since about 1995, and I'm pretty sure he's going to be right, one of these days.

Samantha Ling -- Webmistress extraordinaire and fellow journalist for the Clarion West class of 2001. Be nice to her, or she'll kick your scrawny little butt.

Traci Morganfield -- An inmate... uh, class member of the Clarion West 2002 workshop. I enjoy the eloquence of her journal entries.

Dustin Moskowitz -- Fellow Cornell alum, WVBR alum, A Night at the Asylum alum, former housemate, and best man at my wedding. After 9/11, my wife and I and Tom Johnson drove from Seattle to Princeton, NJ to attend Dustin & Linda's wedding. And, you know what? His website is effing lame.

Hilary Moon Murhpy -- The keeper of Clarion Ex Machina (the definitive site for all things Clarion and Clarion West) and just an all around nice person.

Benjamin Rosenbaum -- Of all my Clarion West classmates, Ben has enjoyed the most publishing success... so far. He lives in Switzerland with his beautiful family and gets more writing done in one hour than I can manage in a day. Hell, the guy can talk more in one hour than I can in a day. Those of you who know me know that's no small feat.

Kiini Ibura Salaam -- Kiini is a short story goddess who I was fortunate to have as a classmate at Clarion West. Check out the essays on her web site.

Sandra Schneible -- Another friend from my days in Boston and a wonderful person to have on your team when you're building a business from the ground up. Cool beaners.

Jehan Semper -- A kick-butt web developer who's not afraid to call bullshit. I should be so lucky to have someone like Jehan on my team in the future. Oh, and she designed the original engine that launched this site.

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