December 12, 2007
December Goings On

My business finds itself in the unfortunate situation of having to move. Our landlord is selling the building, and so we need new facilities. Now. We need to be out by early January.

I've been coordinating the move, and it's quite a bit of work. Finding a new space took a great deal of time and effort, and now getting movers, getting the phones switched, etc., isn't letting me relax. Now add to that the Christmas rush. And add to that the fact that I'm doing more of the heavy lifting at home these days, as well, and you've got one busy bee at Casa Rousselle.

Paulette and I have typically shared the chores at home (still do, actually), but she's somewhat more tired than usual, and I'm the guy to pick up the slack. Why is she tired? Well, that's the other busy-making thing going on: she's busy making Baby 3.0. Good news, to be sure, but exhausting, and so there's no end of stuff that needs to be done at the Big Red House.

So that's why I'm not posting much on my blog. Well, that, and my proverbial dog ate my blog posts. And I'm bummed about the news regarding Anita, a friend of ours here in town. And I need to go Christmas shopping.

But other than that, not much going on here. How's by you?

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 December 18, 2007
Let the Names Begin

We found out on Monday that Baby 3.0 is going to be a boy.

(I am also happy to report that the baby-in-progress is doing fine, and the doctors have no cause for concern. Always a good thing to hear.)

Having this news now gives us plenty of time to come up with a name. If events play out this time the way they did last time, we'll probably need all the time we can get.

We haven't set out our list of rules yet for choosing a name this time, although one criteria from last time is likely to be modified. Rather than saying we're ruling out the top X most common names (as tallied by the Social Security Administration), we'll probably simply want to avoid the most common names given in our particular region. How we'll determine that, I'm not sure yet.

And even though we are aware that "ESPN" has been used as a baby name, we are not likely to be naming our third child "Sienen" or "Foxnews" or "Emesenbeesee". "Spike" and "Oxygen" are also right out. (Truth be told, we still don't have cable or satellite feeds, anyway, and "Peabee S." would just get the kid beat up in school.)

We're also not likely to name Baby 3.0 after contemporary icons of brains and business. The fact that such figures are controversial is one problem, but even worse is that their names are, well, nouny. "Jobs Rousselle" or "Gates Rousselle"? Bleh.

Spelling remains an important consideration: we'll want to make sure that there aren't a lot of common variations on spelling, and that it's easy for most people to spell the name correctly upon first hearing. "Cujo," anyone?

Oh, and the name has to be unequivocally a boy's name. Not Pat, Sam, Terry, or Chris. No boys-names-turned-girls-names, like Taylor or Dakota.

But other than that, the field is wiiide open. Let the Names begin!

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