October 07, 2007
That which is up

Long time, no write. I know, I know. There's just so much going on, that I haven't had the time to string together even a few coherent sentences. Here's a snapshot of that which is afoot:

* The boys: Alex and Nolan continue to amaze and astound me with how fast they are growing, how quickly they are changing, and how much they are learning. Both are in a bit of a boundary-testing phase at the moment, which is unfortunate for their beleaguered parents, and Nolan simply can't fall asleep in any kind of reasonable fashion. That said, they remain generally happy and intellectually engaged, and it's amazing how they are developing very different personalities from each other, even though they both seem to have very similar temperaments and skills.

Both have excellent language skills, for example, but have been developing them in different ways. Alex developed a speaking cadence and mannerisms before filling in with words (he would "babble in paragraphs" while his vocabulary was still catching up), while Nolan is soft-spoken but assembles complex sentences with words chosen both carefully and correctly. Nolan clearly understands more than he lets on, whereas Alex is a pro at shooting from the hip.

They remain, in every way, amazing to behold.

* Casa Rousselle: not much going on with the house these days, but car woes are interfering with scheduling on the home front. My VW wagon is over eleven years old at this point, and it's showing its age. We may have to take it out back and shoot it, given how miserable it's been. We have frequently been reduced to having only one car, and it's increasingly difficult for me to be able to work from home on those days when I'd prefer to do so. [sigh]

* Work: in addition to the database work I've been doing as a gun-for-hire, I began the process of buying out my former business partner in a small business a couple of years ago. The business is finally starting to find traction, and so we have just recently hired our first new full-time employee. While things are slowing down as we bring our hiree up to speed, the long-term gain should be huge. Who knows... I may even be able to take a vacation sometime within this lifetime.

* Writing: I have written only one new short story this year so far (although I have a second one worked out in my head, and will probably commit that to paper before too long), but it appears that my third "pro" publication is going to hit the bookstores in the spring of 2008. The irony is, that particular work is being culled from my time at Cornell in a "Best of" anthology, and as luck would have it, the editor selected items that I'd co-written with a friend *during my high school years*. Funny that my third pro sale should come roughly twenty-two years after the pieces in question were written.

* Journey of a thousand pounds: I'm currently down about 25 pounds since I began skipping the sodas on April 1st of this year. I recently fell off the wagon (again), but I'm generally pleased with the three-steps-forward, one-step-back progress that I've been sustaining.

* My life in politics: Having served as president of my home owners association(s) on-and-off for the last seven years or so, I'd stepped aside at the beginning of this year in what I figured would be my final turn as board chair -- I'd decided that there was a lot to be gained by simply being the "board member without portfolio." Nothing doing. The fellow who took my place stepped down soon thereafter, and the then VP didn't want the job, and the next thing you know, everyone's asking me to step back in. So, I picked up the gavel once more. I'll comment more in the coming weeks about the many adventures I've had on the board, and why local politics is simply crazy, crazy, crazy.

In fact, I expect to comment on all of these facets of my life in more detail in the coming weeks. Like Alex, I feel the need to babble, and I know the words will come.

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