November 02, 2001
Borg Cube

Much has been going on these past two weeks. Much has required a great deal of effort and energy, but some has been making the ride a little more enjoyable that it might otherwise be.

I received a cube from the borg earlier this week, which is a happy thing.

At my former employer (actually, the employer before last), members of the collective were encouraged to innovate; to find new ways to delight the customer with an improved product experience. To this end, many of the collective devise features and/or techniques which may be so innovative as to be patentable. As a result, my former employer encouraged its employees to file for patents whenever a feature or technique was considered to be patent-application worthy.

By great good fortune (as well, I hope, as some amount of skill or talent), a couple of features I'd worked on for a software project there were considered as potentially patentable. Even as I was preparing to leave for another employment opportunity, I'd been informed that they wanted to pursue the patent application process for one of those features.

As a result, I did spend some time (even after my departure) helping out with the application process, and soon became documented as the genuine co-inventor (with a brilliant gentleman named Kevin Browne) of a patent pending. Yee-haw. Sounds impressive, and looks great on a resume.

But, there was always something missing. You see, employees of this company, my former employer, are often given a token in recognition of pursuing a patent application. Said token takes the form of a small cash grant and a stately Patent Award in the shape of a small-but-weighty marbled cube (with gold lettering to display the name of the recipient and the title of the patent application).

Having left the employ of this fine institution before the application process was complete, I had forfeited any chance of receiving the cash award (which, by the way, I would have been more than happy to receive), but there was some question as to whether I'd receive the cube. While I'd certainly never turn down the money, the cube was a little dearer to me. It's a kind of status symbol. It would be one of the few awards I've received that would actually have some merit for me, because it would serve as a reminder that my time with said former employer was not all spent in vain. I actually did *something* that made *some* difference.

Well over one year later, the question has been answered. I am now the proud recipient of my very own patent cube, which even thanks me on one of the sides for my innovative contribution to my former employer.

Yes, it's a little thing. There are so many bigger things that are currently proving to be a looming worry in my life. But, the little things do matter.

My little borg cube is now proudly displayed in my own little office (which, in turn, is *not* a cube), and I'm glad to have it. Isn't it amazing, what we choose to allow to make us happy?

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