December 24, 2003
Mad Cow Observations, part I

They found a "presumptive positive" case of Mad Cow Disease (or, BSE) in Washington State today. Early reports are that the disease infects the brain and the spinal cord, and that these items had been removed before the meat was sent along its merry way to become somebody's dinner. Still, the local news media in Western Washington State is having a field day whipping up a frenzy over "Where has the meat gone?" even though, by their own accounts, it can't carry the disease.

Still, it *is* big news, and could be an indication of a larger problem. I'm sure we'll all know more in the weeks to come about whether there is a danger, and how far any danger may go.

In the meantime, however, I am reminded of a sentiment I've heard expressed under different, but similar circumstances:

If we stop eating beef now, then the cows have already won.

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