September 03, 2003
Silly promises

Had a blast at TorCon, this year's World Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, and I'm just now starting to recuperate. While there, I stupidly promised a fellow Web Rat that I'd resume posting to my website *every day* once I got my internet access back. Yeah, right.

Speaking of internet access: I'm going to be completely bereft of any internet access during the first two weeks of October. Ack! No e-mail. No web. No nothing, and no hope of rectifying that, as I'll be without so much as a phone line during that time. I may end up doing something crazy... like writing some fiction.

I had some limited access to the internet while I was at TorCon, but doing the con was why I went there, not checking my e-mail, so my e-mail presence was spotty at best. Here are the highs and lows for me at this year's con:

  • got to spend time reconnecting with friends and fellow writers who I often only get to see at this time of year
  • made some new friends, too!
  • got to spend some time in Toronto, a favorite place for me (in small doses)
  • Hugo awards and the Ace party afterward were excellent
  • tried a wonderful Ethiopian restaurant that was most tasty
  • the highlight of any WorldCon: realizing on Saturday that you should be at home writing instead of "doing the con"

The weirdest part was attending without Paulette. Over the past few years, we've developed a system for doing the con: who finds out what, who introduces who to whom, etc. This year, it was just li'l ol' me, and the con had a completely different flavor as a result.

I'll post more soon. Gotta get my licks in while I still have access to this here Internet thang.

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Hey, I'm just glad to see ANY news from you, okay? :-) Glad you enjoyed yourself -- I have the picture of you and Same up on the Torcon website at, along with lots of other shots and commentary.

And I'm almost caught up on my sleep debt! Whee!

Posted by: Melanie Fletcher on September 4, 2003 10:27 AM

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On Sep 4, Melanie Fletcher said:
"Hey, I'm just glad to see ANY news from you, ..." on entry: Silly promises.

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