August 05, 2004
Selling a House

Selling a house in this market is like removing your eyebrows with duct tape. Most of your time and effort is spent in the set-up; the whole process is unpleasant and, toward the end, painful; it'll smart for a long time after it's over; and the duct tape people make a few pennies besides. Oh, and neither activity is particularly helpful with regard to your tax situation.

It's very distracting, the whole house-selling thing. It involves moving lots of boxes into storage in order to make your house look bigger (because there's less stuff in it). It involves getting the carpets cleaned and then trying to keep your two-year-old, who is not yet potty trained, from peeing all over the nice, clean rug at the first available chance.

It's about making sure to cart around all of your valuables with you when you leave the house, because not all of the people who will be traipsing around your home are scrupulous. It's about touch-up painting and fixture fixing.

I've been having a hard time concentrating at work lately. Dealing with heater cleaning guys and realtor phone calls and last minute, gotta-do-now tasks hasn't been helping on that particular front. Now that our house is on the market, I hope that some of the home-related urgency will pass, so that I may attend to the other urgency of justifying my paycheck (and continuing to draw one).

Of course, my concentration might also improve when that itchiness around my eyebrows goes away.

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Good luck selling your house.

I'm sorry to hear you'll be moving on. I have so many pleasant memories of times spent there with the two of you.

Jim and I are in the middle of a move ourselves this weekend. (Well, he's working, so it'll be me. I'm getting so that I don't even bother to label the boxes anymore.)

Are you both continuing to write?

Best wishes,

Diane Steendahl

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