October 27, 2008
Your Voters Guide, 2008

A jury of his peers found Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska guilty of "conduct unbecoming" -- essentially, of receiving big favors and then lying about it. "I did not . . . have renovations . . . from that contractor . . . Mr. Allen."

The Senator has been found guilty in a court of law, and I very much favor the impartial rule of law. The court will, at some future date, determine a sentence. This is all as it should be.

In the meantime, the Senator is running for re-election, and his conviction certainly jeopardizes his bid to retain the seat. I know that *I* would have a difficult time voting to elect a convicted felon to represent my best interests in Washington, DC.

But the way the various Senatorial races are shaping up throughout the country, it is entirely possible that by losing Stevens' seat, the Republicans may end up not only the minority party, but in an ultra-minority. Unable to even filibuster, which itself is often the dying gasp of a last resort of a lame defense from a pack of otherwise ineffectual minority parties.

Checks and balances are good for the government; good for the country. When the same party controls the White House and Congress, it's bad enough. (Witness the last several times it has happened. See G. W. Bush, W. J. Clinton, et al.) When the same party controls both branches and doesn't even have to pretend to listen to the loyal opposition, a lot of bad juju can go down. And has. And, if circumstances allow, will again.

Senator Stevens broke the law, and it will cost him. This is good.

But don't let that tank the future of our country. That would be bad.

A vote for McCain in 2008 is a vote for healthy checks and balances that our government sorely needs.

Viva la Cheques and Balances! Viva la McCain!

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Wow, Allan, I hope you're joking, but I fear you're not.

Not that I'm against checks and balances. But a vote for McCain is also a vote for a 72-year-old of questionable health, who has made an extremely questionable choice for VP candidate; who has gone from a barely acceptable stance on abortion to one that is intolerable; and who pretends he has nothing in common with the current dolt in office, when in fact he has sided with him, what, 90+% of the time and has even adopted the same tactics used against him (i.e. character-smearing, untrue robo-calling).

And even if I thought McCain hadn't completely sold out, if he is elected, it is statistically likely that Bimbo Barbie will end up in office within the next four years -- the one who thinks Alaska is where we should all run in the Armageddon, who can't name a major newspaper, who thinks it's OK to force a 10-year-old incest/rape victim to bear a child, who doesn't seem to mind if rape victims pay for their medical examinations, who thinks it's OK to ask a librarian to remove books from the library due to their "questionable" content.

Please tell me you're not serious.

I would also note that a vote for Obama is hardly tanking the country's future, as opposed to a vote for Dubya in 2000 and 2004, which demonstrably HAS tanked our future.

Posted by: Amy Sisson on October 27, 2008 7:08 PM

Amy, I will post a thoughtful response soon. Probably. Unless I get so disgusted with the current election cycle that I hide my head until it's all over.

Posted by: Allan on October 31, 2008 11:06 AM

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On Oct 31, Allan said:
"Amy, I will post a thoughtful response soon. ..." on entry: Your Voters Guide, 2008.

On Oct 27, Amy Sisson said:
"Wow, Allan, I hope you're joking, but I fear ..." on entry: Your Voters Guide, 2008.

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